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It cannot be stressed enough how important fonts are. To spice up your Word documents, Photoshop files, and InDesign creations, you need to know how to install fonts in Windows 11 and Windows 10, and in this guide we’ll help you do just that. There are two main methods for installing fonts on Windows, but most users should use our first method. In addition to installing fonts, we also have some steps to uninstall fonts you no longer need, as well as our favorite online places to download new fonts. We’ll be dealing with Windows 11 and Windows 10 here, which apply fonts to all of their apps. If you’re looking for a different method, check out our guides on how to install fonts in Photoshop and install fonts on a Mac.
Font files can be downloaded as normal files from websites and shared between computers via flash drives, CDs, etc. There are many ways to get fonts online, including free fonts like Google Fonts, DaFont, and FontSpace. We will see below that Windows 11 also has its own built-in method for retrieving fonts. If you have a font file, such as one with an OTF or TTF file extension, you can’t put it just anywhere on your computer and expect it to be usable. Windows 11 and other programs like Word don’t recognize a font until it’s installed successfully. Installed fonts are stored in a specific folder (see below). As long as the program you want to use the font in looks for font files in the default Windows Fonts folder, you can use the file by following these steps.

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