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Before downloading any file online, you should make sure that it is clean and free from all possible viruses. As a control measure to reduce the chances of infection as much as possible, you should even consider downloading and installing an antivirus program that will protect you in case any file or document containing viruses is accidentally downloaded to the system. On the other hand, you have the option to scan your file or document for malware with more than 60 online antivirus engines before downloading it. Only one tool is needed to perform the verification.
Maintain your basic online security practices as they protect you from threats like phishing and other cyber criminal activity. You get an extra layer of security to keep your files safe. Imagine that you click on a download link and a pop-up appears. The popup has another download button that you need to press. If you click on it, you will be redirected to another website and you will need to download it from there. This type of scenario is common on many websites. The pop-up may lead you to a suspicious website where downloading files puts your PC at risk. If a popup appears, it’s best to close it immediately and try again.
Depending on the type of antivirus you have, you can perform a file check before or after a download. Antivirus programs designed for online protection are integrated into your Internet browser. Then, when you click a file link and it starts downloading, it is instantly checked for security risks. If they find it, they will prevent it from being downloaded and request an action.
Some antivirus programs also have the option to check a link before clicking on it. Normally you should find this option when you right-click the link. If the file is not safe, the antivirus will alert you immediately.
Know your file formats. Whether you’re a new or old Windows user, always make sure to enable file extensions in Explorer by default. It is a security hazard that they turn it off by default. Turn it on from the File Options browser. Many websites, such as Fileinfo, allow you to search from their large database of file extensions. File extensions are three or four characters long. They are the last characters after the dot (.) displayed in the file name.
Most websites display the upload date on the download page. This date indicates when the file was uploaded to the site. If it’s a relatively recent date, chances are the site’s moderators haven’t reviewed the file yet.
Another important piece of information is the number of downloads. Other users may not have downloaded newer files yet. Therefore, the file has not yet established a relationship with users. Give the site some time, and once you see the numbers increase, rest assured, it’s safe to download the file yourself.
The forums are the place to confirm the validity of any file. Most download websites offer a discussion forum for site visitors. Anyone can sign up for a discussion forum account and post their questions. Other experienced users can write answers and even vote on questions and answers.
Forum content is primarily posted by visitors like you. If you do a quick search for the topic of the file, you can find what other people are talking about. They can confirm if the file is safe to use. Or they can warn visitors not to download the file. Some users even take the time to point you to the correct file you would need to download. Since anyone can post on the forums, you should still be careful about believing what you read. I always recommend taking archive forums with a big pinch of salt.
If the site doesn’t offer a forum, they can still provide file reviews. A file verification summarizes the security and verification of the file you are about to download. The review of the file can be expressed in the form of a rating or a short comment. Both describe the experiences of other downloaders. Before you hit the download button, always check for file reviews first. You can also find relevant reviews on other websites like or filestage.

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